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Exclusive Supplier

for CEE countries

Leading Provider

of smart gas technologies

BOAGAZ – flexible stainless steel corrugated metal pipe system.

Boagaz system

Flexible stainless steel metal pipes

Manufactured from high quality stainless steel 1.4404.

Boagaz system

High quality fittings

A system solution with the widest range of connecting pieces and brass fittings.

Boagaz system

Highest mechanical strength

The stainless steel corrugated metal pipes are heat-treated three times.

Boagaz system

Simple installation

Quick and simple installation of connecting parts (fittings).

Boagaz system

Double seal technology

Unique double seal technology for the highest levels of safety.

Boagaz system

Practical usage

Saves time thanks to manually bendable pipes.

Montage in 4 steps

BOAGAZ Montage Step 1
Cut tubing and remove PE
coating to expose 4 corrugations.
BOAGAZ Montage step 2
Slide nut over tubing, place
retainer ring leaving one corrugation exposed.
BOAGAZ Montage step 3
Slide nut over retainer ring and hand tighten.
BOAGAZ Montage step 4
Tighten with wrenches until
nut contacts body.

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